These were issues in the 70-80’s when I was active in school matters. Are they issues today? I would like to hear from those who can add to current information on these topics. Please add comments to the Topics section (which might become public) or email me (see Contact) for private discussion. I particularly would appreciate knowing if there is a need for the kind of information I have been posting, or are current parents meaningfully involved in their schools, effective, and satisfied?]

  • Symbolic, token, use of parents
  • Accountability
  • Malpractice
  • Choice
  • Effectiveness of Parent Advisory Councils

[PS: I have been retired from the paid work force six months now, and as I am cleaning out my basement, I am coming across tons of material from the 60’s on. A lot of this brings back sad and uncomfortable feelings, pain, frustrations from the past, and feelings of being shunned and thwarted.

I do know, that if I had known then what I know now, I would have been much more effective–both in helping my own children through the system, and in helping other parents as I evolved into producing Education Advisory as a service for parents.

What distinguished us parents in those days was how obliging and submissive we were.  How we bent over backwards to give establishment types (trustees, principals, superintendents, etc.) the benefit of the doubt in seeking solutions to problems.

Particularly, I would have been clued in to the obstacles put in our way. For example, some of the very “nicest” people I dealt with, I now recognize were people assigned to me and others like me as “handlers”, to placate us, mollify us, and redirect our efforts. I was treated to two excellent dinners by one establishment type who felt I was a big threat to the school board structure!

Again, I ask my readers: Am I flogging a dead horse? Or would current parents appreciate our experiences exposed so they can more efffectively direct present efforts? Let me know. Thanks, Tunya Audain.