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Loud TypingInterest in home education continues. Currently there is a 5 part series being broadcast on CBC online. Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko is the writer with reader feedback. Since people keep asking for my 1987 article which helped validate and encourage the movement, I thought it would be best to provide this information on-line instead of having to mail out stuff. I also expect to provide articles from past publications of Education Advisory which I published since 1975. I am not very involved in education activism now (being a grandmother with my children long graduated) but I sincerely believe the insights which parents of my time (60-80's) experienced can be helpful. I will be painting a picture of parents of my day in their earnest efforts for meaningful invovlement and hoops we had to jump: stonewalling, diversions, defensiveness, lack of legislation and policies and on and on. Litera Scripta Manet — the written word endures. I will be posting articles and comments as I continue to clean house and find treasure troves of past endeavors and articles. We felt very excluded from the picture. Hopefully these articles will show parents they don't have to re-invent the wheel in seeking to be effective in their children's educational lives. I think many of the obstacles to meaningful involvement of parents continue to this day. I would welcome comments about any progress made since my day. An example from the Province newspaper (BC) of Nov 3/06 testifies to how today's parents are treated. Declining enrolments are a concern for school districts, so two public meetings were held in Aldergrove.

"Parent Marnie Wilson went to the meetings expecting to have input on how school funds will be spent. Instead, "there were graphs and charts and lots of talk about how enrolment is a big problem," she said. "I think people felt like there was some kind of agenda, but it was never clear." (pg 14, Province, Nov 3/06)

This is typical of the kind of "snow job" or "public consultation" we were used to 30 – 40 years ago. We had a lot of public hearings and commissions of enquiry, etc., but even the OECD when they examined Canadian education said these appeared to be "pro forma" exercises. Tokenism at best! Parents who want to be involved and effective in their children's education should be supported and encouraged. Hopefully these articles will have timely relevance for to-day's parents. Maybe today's parents can circumvent the obstacles and diversions that bog them down and make the advances we never achieved nor enjoyed. Or, maybe in my lack of direct connection for past 20 years I have failed to see that parents are now meaningfully and effectively involved (?) I await comments. Tunya Audain PS: Topics I expect to cover in the future

  • home education
  • vouchers
  • parent rights
  • parent advisory councils
  • obstacles to parent involvement
  • advocacy
  • intent of School Acts, drift and misspending therein

Also, please see post: PARENT ADVISORY COUNCILS, under the Topic: Parent Advisory Councils, for more of the history behind this service.