On visiting this site…

On first coming to this site please be aware:
I'm using this site to gather, record, sort, etc. tons of archive material I’ve gathered regarding the struggle for effective parent involvement in education. Much of the material relates to my own personal involvement and thoughts.
I also include tools produced to help parents and public in support of meaningful parent involvement. These tools can generally be accessed here:

–          Starting a Parent Advisory Council from Scratch

–          School Checkup

–          Do’s and Don’ts for PAC’s

–          Levels of Parent Involvement

–          Effective Schools Checklist

–          Functions of a Parent Advisory Council

–          Projects for a Parent Group

–          Essential Features of a PAC

–          Parent Advisory Councils

–          Why a Parent Group in Every School


B) The following documents can be retrieved in PDF form from here:

    * Home Education: the third option (1987, 5pg)

    * Indoctrination Laws and Guideline for Schools

    * Effective Schools Checklist

    * The BLOB (Obstacles to Education Reform)

    * Parent Rights and their Children’s Education

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