101 Reasons to Abolish School Boards


I am compiling 101 Reasons to Abolish School Boards.  To see the ongoing discussions on the topic and the Reasons as they are developed, see my site:


101 Reasons to Abolish School Boards

1.  An unnecessary level of government
2.  Politics of lay acquiescence – trustees become tamed for establishment purposes.
3.  Conflict of interest abounds – many trustees are educators or ex, or even ex teacher union leaders.
4.  Trusteeship is often used as a stepping stone for politicians-in-training.
5.  School Boards are Obsolete – outlived their usefulness.
6.  Influence peddling has no place in school board business.
7.  Parent rights in education is a taboo topic in school boards.
8.  School Boards are a great field resource to study incompetency.  The saying: “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence” was “discovered in the Vancouver School Board system.
9.  School Boards and other public education bodies love to hear speakers who denounce standards.  Do they give equal time for those supporting standards?
10.  School Boards should not be running recreation classes for adults.

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