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Parent Volunteers Resent “Scab” Label

Jan 5/83, North Shore News, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

(Continuing to archive past education struggles to inform current struggles … )

That was the front page headline of a story by Bill Bell, the story continues …

 “Union intimidation”: is keeping parents from volunteering their services in West Vancouver’s schools, claim representatives of the Hillside Parents Group.

Co-chairpersons Tunya Audain and Suzanne Latta have told the school board that since the teaching aides were laid off last September, parents have not been allowed to volunteer in areas where they were normally welcomed….. 

Audain later told the News that her group had been sent a letter from the West Vancouver Municipal Employees Association which she said gave her a very quick ‘political lesson’ in how ‘rough’ unions can be…..Audain point out that the parents did not want to replace the teaching aides but only wanted to continue in the volunteer positions held before the aides were laid off. She told the News she resented the parents being labeled ‘scabs’ for doing volunteer tasks.

“Our first concern is the students, the union is way down the list,” Latta said….

Newly elected school board chairman, Norm Alban, refused to comment on the situation, fearing that the confrontation could escalate.