Resistance to Meaningful Parent Involvement

Why is there Resistance to Meaningful Parent Involvement?

 “There are many compelling reasons for schools and districts to pay more than lip service to parental involvement,” said reporter, Katherine Wagner, in her column School Watch in the Maple Ridge and Pitt meadows Times, August 31, 2007.

Her article, entitled “PAC is more than just fundraising” (PAC: Parent Advisory Council) describes six levels of parent involvement. While research wholeheartedly supports the value of meaningful parent involvement, Wagner’s article points out that “stakeholders are often reading from different dictionaries when defining the term parent involvement.”

Despite the obvious benefits, “resistance” and “barriers” still exist. For example, her article points out that her school district #42 has not yet decided to include parent involvement in its mission, vision and value statements. A local trustee, Stepan Vdovine,  commented:

 There are still some parents who continue to struggle for a more meaningful involvement and in some cases for simply decent and fair treatment.”


Dear Reader:  Please see my Comment attached to this post for an article I did 28 years ago on this topic.  TA


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  • Dear Reader:

    FOR THE RECORD . . .

    I have been posting my history of struggles to promote parent involvement in education for the purpose of showing the long and painful experiences in this cause. Hopefully current parents and parent advisory councils can appreciate our feelings about the restrictive and excluding “colonial” attitudes that hindered parents in their efforts to help their children in schools.

    Hopefully, these “colonial” days are over . . .

    For the record, please see my post of December, 2006, headlined:

    Why is There Resistance to Meaningful Parent Involvement published in Education Advisory #9, December 1979.

    Tunya Audain

    2 hours later:

    “Just say NO to Parent Involvement”

    Using Technorati to search for more opinions in blogs on topics of interest, eg., Parent Involvement in Schools, I came across this very interesting and important opinion: Just say NO to Parent involvement. I’m sure you will find it interesting, because PI could actually be a trap to: 1) silence parents, 2) divert them, 3) exploit them, 4) get free labor, 5) etc…..

    This parent calls it a government SCAM. What do you think?

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