Why are Parents Excluded from Schools?

Why are Parents Excluded from Schools?

Some reasons parents are excluded from schools are:

  1. Misdirected “Professionalism” – experts know best, “Don’t teach your children, we will have to unteach them.”
  2. Concealment – having a captive audience and a monopoly provides a cover for bureaucratic excesses and little accountability
  3. Political Agendas – a) Maybe the Capitalists are preparing obedient, regimented workers for factories, or  b) Maybe the Socialists are preparing compliant social beings who depend on the collective and are peer dependent, or c) Maybe Radicals want to use schools as vehicles for various reforms: to end racism, sexism or to provide sex education, peace education…..
 Such were some reasons for parent exclusion discussed at a meeting of conservatives, April 24, 1985 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As a long-time parent advocate, I was asked to give the lead address to start the ball rolling. Present practices plus future policy directions were discussed.

Consequences of leaving the consumer (parents) out of decision-making were serious: dissatisfied parents and public, accountability is questionable, special needs students are damaged when parents cannot advocate on their behalf. 

 Improvements could be achieved through Competition, Alternatives and Choice. School-based decision-making could be adopted as means to provide relevancy and to include parents. Reform of education finance should see the education dollar follow the student through vouchers or tax credits and paid directly to the schools, not school boards.

School systems run by the education establishment were increasingly being seen as inefficient and ineffective. The words of Milton Friedman were recalled when he described the school systems as a Tyranny of the Status Quo, run by a troika of bureaucrats, educators, and politicians.

Have things changed much in 2007, even with mandated Parent Advisory Councils in BC  public schools?




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  • I closed this post with the Question:
    Have things changed much in 2007, even with mandated Parent Advisory Councils in BC public schools?

    Here is a recent comment (Jan 29/08) from Heather Maahs on her site: The Schools We Need http://www.theschoolsweneed.com/

    BCCPAC recently had it’s conference and were tackling some oh so lofty items such as rewriting how to make and submit a new resolution. Whoa, that’s heavy stuff.

    On their web site, they also announced the winner the schools to get playground grants. Yep, that’s right. 20 grand goes to 66 schools that the MINISTRY chose they proudly announce.

    If you are still with me and haven’t collapsed from the sheer intensity of these achievements, there’s one more thing.


    They are circulating a document that discusses the Frequently asked questions about Healthy foods legislation by the MINISTRY.

    I’m like, blown away by what they’re doing. This is stuff that legends are made of. Them and the MINISTRY that is.

    Please check this link which is a rather succinct demonstration of what BCCPAC are up to with the government. You’d better be sitting down though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liKhLNY5GYI&feature=related

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