Parent Advisory Councils can use this questionnaire: a) amongst themselves, or b) as a survey of school parents as a whole. Feel free to change items as needed. The PAC can use results as a foundation for discussion with the school and/or as ideas for projects to be undertaken.

(Mark with an X or   Circle in RED what needs attention)

1. There is a handbook containing school philosophy, programs, special services, procedures for communication, etc.

2. School rules are made clear to students, staff and parents.

3. There are regular, numbered newsletters to the home with ample notice of school events.

4. Meet the Teacher Night is well-organized and effective and sets the stage for future parent-teacher conferences.

5. Parents can see their children’s files; go over the material and have questionable (damaging or irrelevant) material removed.

6. The Library is an inviting and enriching resource facility for students.

7. There is a parent group which serves in an advisory capacity to the principal.

8. School morale is high – students, parents and teachers are enthusiastic.

9. Follow-through to school work is consistent. Homework and desk work is marked, returned, corrections explained and work to be redone is checked out.

10. Student work is valued. Art, projects, accomplishments are highlighted in the school and in newsletters

11. Student absenteeism is low

12. Staff absenteeism is low.

13. Vandalism is rarely evident (no broken windows, fences, dirty environment, litter, graffiti)

14. Sensory bombardment is low –  no glaring lights, blaring PA systems, overheating and noise (contributing to hyperactivity, inattentiveness, shouting).

15. The rate of disciplinary actions is low, both within the classrooms and those handled by central office.

16. Are the washrooms dirty?

17. Is the principal rarely seen? (A good principal feels comfortable in the school, among staff, students and parents.)

18. Are lunchroom facilities noisy, messy?

19. Is communication with the school difficult…hard to get past the secretary…teachers uncommunicative?

20. Is there much theft in the school?

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