Expansive Voucher Program to Start Fall 2007/Utah

The story in The Salt Lake City Tribune by Nicole Stricker


uses glowing terms to describe the signing into law of HB148, Utah’s new voucher bill:

  • “The watershed program rolls out in the fall”
  • “landmark school voucher bill”
  • “the nation’s most expansive voucher program”
  • “first-ever universal school choice program”
  • “Utah’s program dwarfs voucher programs in other states”

The funding for the program will come from general funds, not education funds, and will apply to “all incoming kindergartners, all current public school students and private school children from low-income families.” It will not apply to students already enrolled in private schools other than those of low-income. “The program will cost more each year until all private school students are using vouchers in 13 years.”

ELIGIBLE SCHOOLS: Must employ college-educated or skilled teachers, operate outside a residence, enroll at least 40 students and not discriminate based on race, color or national origin. They must give parents the results of a standardized test once a year and submit to a financial audit once every four years.”

The opening words of the bill state:

parents are presumed best informed to make decisions for their children, including the educational setting that will best serve their children’s interests and educational needs.”

PS: It’s a wonderful world when people who feel they are just a “voice in the wilderness” can communicate so readily with other like-minded people. Of course, this is due to that great invention, the Internet!

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Utah’s New School Voucher Program

Tammy Bruce by · 12 minutes ago ·

A post by Maynard This could turn out to be very important news, so it should be on your radar. Two weeks ago, Gov … at limited areas or limited applicants. Naturally, the opponents of vouchers are moving quickly … vouchers may go to schools with a religious orientation. (For the record, this issue was resolved long ago

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