School Vouchers Wait for Governor’s Proclamation: UTAH

On Feb 12, 2007, Utah passed a bill to provide a grant from $500 – 3000 for a child to enter a private school of choice. The amount will depend on the parents’ means. See latest article in The Daily Herald.

With only 3% of the state’s students presently in private schools it remains to be seen what shift will occur. The concession made to critics of vouchers who fear exodus from public schools is that a departing student will still be counted and funded in the departed district for 5 years. Also, families who presently enroll in private schools will not get funding, only new enrollees.

The bill (House Bill 148) was spearheaded by Rep. Steven Urquhart and his supporters from Parents for Choice in Education. The opening words of the bill state:

parents are presumed best informed to make decisions for their children, including the educational setting that will best serve their children’s interests and educational needs.”

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