Library Resources for Home Education

Libraries are a terrific resource for parents, whether just starting or already long-term.

1) The children’s librarian can usually determine your child’s reading level, and recommend appropriate materials and books.

2) The reference sections have clipping files which you can access. There will be newspaper clippings, brochures, and other items on topic, probably with local stories.

3) The librarian might refer you to local support groups, or tell you how to find them. Or you can look up in the phone book if there is anything like: Home Learning, Home Education, or Home Schooling information.

4) Libraries provide free access to computers and Internet to students and parents. Some provide lab times for longer periods, with assistance available.

5) Videos, CD’s are also available on educational topics.

6) The library will likely have many books on topic. Our library (West Vancouver) has the following so far:

– Homeschooling for Excellence, David and Micki Colfax (1988)

– The Homeschooling Book of Answers, Linda Dobson (1998)

– The Unofficial Guide to Homeschooling, Kathy Isizuka (2000)

– Creative Home Schooling, Lisa Rivero (2002)

– The Home School Manual (7th Edition), Theodore E. Wade (1998)

– Growing Without Schools (Vol One, Aug ’77 – Dec ’79, #’s 1-12), John Holt

– Homeschooling for Success

– The Homeschooling Handbook, Mary Griffith (1997)

Furthermore, parents who find other books useful or needed can get librarians to order them or obtain them through inter-library loans.

Also, those sections of the library collection dealing with home education will have related books on dealing with schools, teachers, what children should learn, etc.

I just obtained a second-hand book called: Shelter for the Spirit, Victoria Moran (1997): How to make your home a haven in a hectic world.

I was very impressed to read about Homeschooling as one of her topics:

It’s certainly not without its challenges. It takes serious parental commitment, but so does helping children through a more conventional education. To homeschool successfully, you have to enjoy the company of your children and be willing to both give them your time and allow them time on their own.

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